Play hard, have fun, and respect our league and each other

Official League Rules


Each team plays every other team twice, once as the home team and once as the away team.


  • Rosters can be a maximum of 25 players and are officially closed after the 3rd game played.
  • Players MUST appear in both teams’ scorebooks for 5 games to be eligible for the playoffs.


For bad weather, the Home Team is responsible for calling the game by 5pm. The following must also be contacted:

  1. Umpire-in-Chief (Mike Zinar: 610.506.6019)
  2. Away Team
  3. Dave Luxton
  4. Home Team’s bar

If a game is started, but not finished because of weather, call Dave Luxton and Home Team’s bar.

Game Time

  • Teams must have 9 players to start a game. If a team does not have 9 players at the start of the game it must forfeit
  • Teams may bat the bench. Free substitution is allowed in the field as long as the lineup remains in tact
  • The Home Team is responsible for field prep prior to the game
  • All teams are responsible for cleaning their bench area postgame


Pitching is slow pitch with a 6 to 12 foot limit. Pitches under 6 and over 12 will be called illegal by the umpire and the batter will be given a ball.


  • There are NO leads. Base runners may only leave on contact
  • The safety base must be used at first base. The orange portion is for the base runner. A runner that does not use the orange portion on a play at first will be called out


Make-up Games

Make-up Games must be scheduled on Friday in the week of the original game, or the following Wednesday at Bysher Field, or else the team that cannot produce a full team of roster players takes a forfeit.


All forfeits are final. There will be no appeals.


  • The home team provides 1 new ball, 1 good condition ball, and the bases
  • NO metal cleats allowed. A player will be ejected from the game if metal cleats are discovered

Injuries and Subsitutions

  • Any athlete that receives an open wound, is bleeding, or who has blood on them or their clothes, must immediately leave the playing area to receive medical attention. Though they may be able to play again later, they cannot go back and play again until the wound is taken care of, bleeding has stopped, and all contaminated equipment has been replaced.
  • A team may skip the spot in the order for an injured player as long as the batting order contains 10 or more players. Any subsequent injuries require that the team take an out for an injured player’s turn at bat, except for last out. Check the EJECTION exception below as well.
  • ONE courtesy runner is allowed per team per game, not once per inning nor per player injured. The courtesy runner must be someone not in the batting lineup, OR must be a current player in the lineup who made the last batted out


Abusive language and fighting will NOT be tolerated. Ejections will result from either.


  • 1st Ejection: Sit out the next game
  • 2nd Ejection: Dismissed from the league
  • If a team is in the situation that they must take an out for an ejected player, the game is over and the team with the ejected player forfeits the game.


  • A good effort should be made by all to go back to the Home Team’s bar after the game.
  • The 35 pitcher maximum rule is in effect at Home Team’s bar.

Field Guidelines/Groundrules


  • Right field: A fair ball that hits any part of the tree in right on the fly shall be a dead-ball/no-pitch. A foul ball that hits the tree foul shall be a strike
  • Left field: The paved path along the 3rd base/left field line shall be out of play. All catches must be made prior to the path and all balls must be brought back into play to be thrown (catch and carry). A cone will mark lost sight line in deep left
  • Batting area: A fair ball that hits any part of the tree in the batting area on the fly shall be a dead-ball/no-pitch. A foul ball that hits the tree shall be a strike